Homicide Tracker • FAQ

How can I contact you about the Homicide Tracker? You can reach us here: contact form

Where does the data come from? Information included in the Homicide Tracker comes from direct reporting by The Commercial Appeal’s Crime & Justice team, public records requests, direct communications from the Memphis Police Department and the MPD’s Facebook page, facebook.com/mpd1827.

Data found in the tracker is as complete as possible. Unfortunately, there are times when a victim or suspect’s name, race, gender and/or age is not provided by officials or family members.

How often is the data updated? We strive to update the tracker as soon as new data becomes available. The tracker updates at least twice a day, however, this does not mean the overall count will change. These updates often complete missing information or correct entries the MPD has adjusted.

Why does the Homicide Tracker give the race of the victims and subjects?The tracker includes race, age, gender, time, place and manner of death.

The Commercial Appeal routinely omits race from articles about crimes, unless it is pertinent to avoid stigmatizing racial groups. An article will include race if it is part of a wanted suspect’s description, however it is never used as the sole description.

The Homicide Tracker includes this information to provide the most accurate stats and complete report of those who have died and who the suspected killers may be.

Why is the number of vehicle deaths so low? I know of several deaths caused by vehicles.A vehicular homicide is only included in the count if a vehicle is used as a weapon. All other vehicular homicides fall into two categories: those involving intoxication, and those involving reckless operation of a vehicle. These cases are typically handled by MPD's traffic bureau. Read more

The count seems to occasionally move up and down, what does that mean? The official homicide tally comes from the Memphis Police Department's homicide bureau. When an investigation is ongoing, new details may be discovered that change how the death is classified. This can affect the overall number.